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ViBuddy Program

What is ViBuddy?

“ViBuddy” is a Very Interesting Business Utilizing Dormant Desire in You. The ViBuddy’s is free spirited Social Network knowledge sharing program. It’s a “Don’t Sell, Just tell” mantra.

How to become a Buddy?

It’s simple, just Sign Up by filling in the details, Verify the Mobile Number and Email Id and get your Buddy Code.

What is the advantage?

It’s great opportunity to spread new innovative product and idea to your contacts (who you believe will benefit from using the same). Your contacts will get a discount on using your coupon Code and the Buddy earns on every business.

What is my Role?

Just send the product details with your Buddy Code to those you believe will benefit from the product. The Link has product Demo, FAQ and payment links. It’s do-it-yourself self explanatory site. Your contact will get Rs. 1000/- discount on iscribe for using your Buddy Code and you get Rs. 800 incentive on every sale.

How much time should I spend?

Hardly any, All you need to do is make a list of your contacts who will benefit from the product and send them a link and call and tell them “I found this product which could benefit you. Check it out. if you like it, use the PromoCode and you will get a Rs.1000 Discount” Cheers! No pesky sales call or follow ups is expected.

What do I get if I introduce new Buddy?

As of now just Goodwill

Is there a training Program?

The FAQ, Demo link and user manual is self explanatory. However, we will have a Helpline #, which you can contact for any clarifications. “ProBuddy” will be platform for all the buddies to share their experience & learning to help each other. It’s all about learning & growing together.

Is it an MLM?

No, it’s not MLM as there is no Down-line or Up-line benefit. Every Buddy interacts directly with the Company.

Is this the only Product or will there be more in future?

As of now, iScribe is the only product. Going forward we do plan to introduce similar ‘unique’ products which provides great value to End User.

When and How will I get paid?

You will be paid on the 6th day of the despatch, as there is 3 days unconditional Return policy for the Product. It will be paid directly into your Bank Account mentioned in your enrolment form.

As a Buddy if I buy for own use will I get the discount and Incentive both?

Technically Yes you can. However, it might not be fair to the person who introduced you to the Buddy Family.

How safe is my personal data after enrolling in this program?

We encrypt the communication between the client and server and store it safely in the database on DigitalOcean so that it mitigates the risk of a data breach.

Can I make my friends & relatives staying abroad as a Buddy?

Yes, but they will have to sell in India only. As of now we are not shipping or servicing International business.

How can I review my performance?

You will access to the Buddy Dashboard which will have all the details of your performance and payouts.

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